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Assurance Engagements


We provide audit services to small and medium-sized businesses, municipal governments, charitable organizations and credit unions.  Our audits are risk-based, are tailored to the organization, and involve a comprehensive review and analysis of the financial statements.  We can often offer valuable advice on how internal controls can be improved and provide an accurate picture of the current financial position and results of operations


Banks, creditors, and potential investors may request a review of your financial statements before completing a transaction with or investing in your business. In a review engagement, we assess the financial statements through enquiry, analysis and discussion, and provide limited assurance that your financial statements are presented per applicable financial reporting standards. 


Knowledgeable and Organized

“Wendy and Brian have been doing our business taxes for several years. They’re knowledgeable, organized and always available to answer questions. I couldn’t be happier with their service and would recommend them highly.”

- Carolyn N. from Red House Soups

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